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Fresh Burdock Root|The Great Healing Herb


Burdock Root On Your Skin
Burdock Root For The Blood

I don’t mind at all speaking towards my personal knowledge of what FRESH Burdock Root does for me. I must say that I consume it both in a liquid tea state and I eat the raw root itself. After ingesting Burdock Root I’ve come to notice that I have more frequent bowl movement and that my body seems to respond with added energy and vitality. I’ve also come to know that the waste that sits in my body if it is not released on a regular basis (regular bowl) movement I tend to feel sluggish. Burdock Root seems to also suppress my appetite at times and I don’t seem to want to eat as much.
“Fresh Burdock Root”Relieves congestion of the Lymphatic System and helps remove swelling and deposits in joints and knuckles. It relieves pain in the bladder and helps fight kidney and bladder infection – add Yellow dock Root and Dandelion Root combination,This herb gets its name from bur, for its tenacious burrs, and dock old English for plant...

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What causes carpal tunnel syndrome to develop? Although there are many professional opinions out there regarding the subject, most do not provide an accurate description of how carpal tunnel syndrome actually occurs.

What is agreed upon is the fact that the flexor tendons and median nerve are operating in a much smaller space than they w...

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Granite is the rock most often known as a “I want stone” (a natural rock material that has been cut into blocks or slabs of specific length, width and thickness). Granite is hard enough to resist most abrasion, strong enough to bear significant weight, accepts a brilliant polish. These characteristics make it a very desirable and useful stone. Most of the granite stone produced in CHINA comes from high quality deposits.

Granite has been used for thousands of years in both interior and exterior applications...

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Bullets & Bloodlines 1

Synopsis for part 1: Two men…One woman…No compromise. It’s one or the other. When two drug dealers from opposite sides of the street collide with each other, it becomes apparent that one of them has to go. Caught in the middle of all the bloodshed is Ebony. She loves her brother to no end, but the man she resides with is the love of her life. He supports her dreams as well as her lifestyle. Although she holds out hope that the two of them will one day find a way to coexist, deep in her heart, she knows it probably won’t happen...

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Bullets & Bloodlines 2 cover

Synopsis for part 2: One split second has changed Ebony’s life forever. The two bullets were meant for bitter enemies, but instead found a resting place in her mother Norma Jean’s body. Ebony has no idea that the two men she loves the most are responsible for her pain. In this dark time in her life, Ebony wants nothing more than to see her future husband and brother come together as a family. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. The hatred between the two of them has doubled, causing Ebony to be torn apart even further...

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Behold, the days come.

healthy family

Is the unseen now visible, is the unrealized now taking place? Jesus warned that many will come in His name preaching and teaching, but their Heart is far from Him. Money seekers, using the Gospel and the hunger of others as a means of taking things that they have not earned.

Behold, the days come.
Amos 8:11-8:12 (NIV, NIRV, TNIV, KJV)

Behold, the days come...

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Are You Married, Yet Lonesome Tonight?


You could feel a strange loneliness of the spirit even with your spouse right beside you. We delve into the world of loneliness in togetherness.In spite of being social animals, human beings are essentially lonely creatures...

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A Poor Man, With Rich Mans Dreams


A Poor Man, With Rich Mans Dreams Have you ever heard the phrase, a poor man with rich mans dreams? Many people in this life are completely exhausted by the race to wealth and prosperity. Looking for today and not for tomorrow. The poor man has only today, struggling to make ends meet, putting food on the table for his family and hoping that the next phone call he gets, isn’t from his boss, telling him that he no longer has a job.A Poor Man, With Rich Mans Dreams

Matthew 19:17-19:23

A Poor Man, With Rich Mans Dreams Have you ever heard the phrase, a...

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Hollywood In Da Hood


A Place where everyone can be a star, for once In there life –we call It Hollywood In Da Hood — If It aint ghetto It aint us. For those of you that don’t know, there is an internationally broadcasted television show every Friday night at 9pm (EST). This show features many different talents, musicians, politicians, inventors, and authors. Each week the lights go on, the cameras roll and for one hour the Playa T. audience is transposed into the starring guest’s life. Each week without avail, the guests are asked a series of questions, sometimes pertaining to their career, and sometimes digging deeper into what the guest’s trials and tribulations have been. Playa T Show has been a success in the community
of Cleveland; the platform where locals gain rapport amongst peers. Where people share their experiences, and even a place where individuals can share a few laughs. And each week, the show begins by giving credit to “the Movers and Shakers” of Hollywood in the Hood the company that houses the best show on the web. It’s quite obvious to anyone that watches Playa T’s (Terry Crumpton) work; he is confident, ambitious, and diligent in his interviews. Then there is the entire behind the scenes work he does as well. As a spectator, we see the final products, we see the end result of hard work, but there is so much more to PlayaT than just being one heck of a host.
Terry Crumtpton has twenty years’ experience in broadcasting and media...

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